DAB Car Radio Converter – Sonichi S1000-DAB
Sonichi S1000-DAB Car Converter

Sonichi S1000-DAB

Sonichi S1000-DAB Car Radio Converter

The Sonichi S1000-DAB Car Radio converter is Halfords own Brand offering for the DAB converter market, and a very good offering it is too. This converter is easier to fit and set up than the PURE Highway albeit at a slightly higher price. It was a later entry into the market and it seems that it was worth the wait.

Reception is very good and the sound superb. This may be helped by the fact that the Sonichi S1000-DAB Car Radio Converter comes with a magnetic roof aerial rather then the windscreen stick-on type. This gives much more consistent reception with very few signal drop outs and allows you to keep listening to all those extra radio stations while you drive.

The Sonichi S1000-DAB Car Radio Converter has an auto tune system which will find the best signal for you and retune if the signal starts to weaken to give consistently good reception. As with the other converters on the market The Sonichi S1000 is a DAB radio receiver and an FM transmitter, sending the FM signal to your existing car radio.

It is windscreen mounted by suction cup in the same way as a sat-nav unit and powered from the car 12 volt supply with the power lead provided. You can connect the output from an iPod or MP3 player to the S1000-DAB via the AUX In-Out cable supplied, and it will broadcast this on the FM band so you can receive it through your in-car audio system. That’s got to be better than using headphones.

Sonichi SB1000-DAB Car Radio Converter – Features

All information such as station name, preset info etc. are displayed on the S1000-DAB’s LCD screen which has 2 rows of 16 characters. The following information can be displayed:
Scrolling text information from the station (scrolling)
Signal strength.
Programme type, Displays “No PTY” if none is available.
Name of Multiplexor.
Multiplexor frequency and ID
The format and bit rate of the data being transmitted.
Time and Date of the Broadcast being transmitted.

There is also has a day/night auto dimming functions to reduce the brightness of the screen when there is less light and avoid it becoming too much of a distraction while driving. The Sonichi S1000-DAB has 36 presets for DAB radio and 4 for FM. One other feature of the S1000-DAB is that it can remember the last 4 stations used which allows you to select a recently listened to station even if you have not set up the presets yet.

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